Asheville NC Film Festival
2016 - 2018 Looking Back


For three years this was the official site for the Asheville Film Festival which celebrates the art of film making.
Content is from the site's 2016 -2018 archived pages.

The new owners of this domain did not want the site to disappear and so decided to keep as much of the archived content as possible while adding a bit more from other outside sources. This was a great festival and we hope they create a new website for the festival or
check out their Facebook page at for current information.

Welcome !

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Shikatamma

Why a film festival? Why now?

It is no secret that Asheville has an incredible arts community. Part of that community enjoys a good independent film or two. The 2017 Asheville Film Festival will be held on September 16, 2017 at AB Tech!

Making a film is a magical thing. You start with just an idea swimming around in your brain juice. Then you develop it into a story. You then get all kinds of people involved in creating this story into a film. Eventually, you have a completed film in front of an audience. You watching their reactions to what they are watching. You bursting with pride when it is over. They come to you, congratulate you. All of this started as a little idea bouncing around in your nogging noodle.


That is why we do it. To let film makers tell a story. To let actors entertainer. And, of course, to let fans enjoy!

Why a film festival? Why now? It is no secret that Asheville has an incredible arts community. Part of that community enjoys a good independent film or two.

The Asheville Film Festival celebrates the art of film making! Great film making. The kind of film that can only be described with sentences that end with an exclamation mark! Films that excite, entertain and make us walk out of a theater and say, “I’m changed.” Our goal is to showcase thought-provoking films and offer a venue where movie lovers who appreciate independent vision can celebrate this unique art form.

We are dedicated to bringing unique, interesting, quality, challenging and entertaining films to Western NC by providing a cultural hub for an emerging film-artists community to showcase their works to the region’s top producers, peers, investors and viewers.

Just watch as we earn the title of the premiere film festival of Western NC. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging and innovative creative professionals through our annual film festival, summer camp for teen talent, year round online screenings and an extensive community outreach program.


Join Our Team

Do you have a love for film and want to help a great organization? We need you to help us prepare for the Asheville Film Festival. Your enthusiasm, commitment and hard work enable the Festival to pursue its mission of celebrating great acting and film making.

You will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in such varied departments as registration, theater operations, conference, hospitality and transportation, all while working with a wonderful staff. Please feel free to give us a call at (252) 367-8789 for more information.The Asheville Film Festival is a unique opportunity to work hard, gain valuable event experience, network and have fun while supporting the mission of a pioneering film festival organization dedicated to championing the work of aspiring and established filmmakers.

Image result for film festival image


Plans, oversees, programs, and manages all aspects of the Art and Music Fest. Ensures that the events are well attended; and sees to the overall operations and financial success of the festival. Execute plan laid out by Festival Director. Recruit and supervise interns, and volunteers. Build and maintain professional relationships with the artists and musical entertainers. Execute fundraising efforts events through chamber party. Develop and guide public relations efforts to ensure media coverage of the festival. Outreach to cultural and community partners to co-produce screenings and events. 

This position receives 25% of Block, VIP  and fundraiser net profit through arts council (not the ads)


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Obtain new advertising for the film festival, art show and music fest. Creation, maintenance, and utilization of advertising leads. Completion of ad contracts with advertisers and/or their authorized representatives. Collection of fees and artwork from advertisers for ads purchased.

This position receives 30% of funds from ads they sold


Image result for film festival promoter image

Meet and greet sponsors, filmmakers and high-level pass holders as they arrive.  Welcome VIPs to festival. Develop and execute the marketing initiatives for all Festival events and related activities. Build and promote the Festival brand. Plan, coordinate and implement marketing strategies. Work with media outlets to publish timely company information. Grow online supporter base and social media community. Develop the advertising, marketing and promotion plans. Promotes ticket sales. 

This position receives 10% of Block, VIP and fundraiser net profits through arts council (not the ads)


Image result for volunteer coordinator image


Recruit, schedule, manage, and motivate a large group of volunteers prior to and during the festival activities while maintaining constant communication with each department. maintain and update the volunteer database regularly and keep up with inpidual volunteer information. Organize Volunteer Orientations, Volunteer Appreciation event. 

This position receives 10% of Block, VIP and fundraiser net profits through arts council (not the ads)


Ensures that films are started and run properly during the film’s assigned time in the venue. 

Volunteer position


General running around and assisting as needed. Line up filmgoers according to priority of their passes/tickets outside venues prior to showings.  Lead film goers to the proper venue. Assisting in the setting up/ breakdown of the panel venue and assist the panelist. Stand at entrance to the venue and ensure that pass holders and ticket holders are admitted. Responsible for getting people seated so we start on time. Guide people to their seats; provide directions for water, rest rooms. Help cleanup, take out trash. Work directly with projectionist. 

Volunteer position


Image result for film box office image


Assist the Event and Festival Directors. Assist the festival’s ticketing needs at the box office during the festival, and relaying information to festival-goers. Ensure that film goers have “Viewer’s Choice Survey” and receive them back after screenings are complete. Responsible for directing film goers to locations selling Film Festival items. 

Volunteer position

*** As festival plans are still evolving, some of the descriptions above may change.

Compensation – commission means depending on the Position, that individual will get a percentage of proceeds earned for that day and the fundraiser


My world: My mom always volunteer as an usher at the Asheville NC Film Festival. Folks say she is a very social person. I see her a being very friendly and nice to everyone. My parents really love films. In the summer we always go to the local drive in theater. I try to stay up till the end of the second movie, but inevitably fall asleep and then need my mom tom tell me the whole story the next morning while we ate breakfast.

I know when the Asheville NC Film Festival is held, my mom will be very busy. Sometimes she sneaks me in for films that she feels are appropriate for my age. Everything becomes a bit more rushed around the house. Dinners become an adventure depending if my Dad or older sister makes them. Sometimes we just eat out at the local burger joint. My mom always makes an effort to hug and give me a kiss before she leaves. Beddy bye and sweet dreams she says to me. And then beddy bye doggie Woof Woof, take care of Melody tonight. WoofWoof is my dog. She is such an adorable fluffball. My Dad says she is a Cavachon which means she is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. I looked up what a Bichon Frise. WoofWoof is not an all white dog like you see when you look up Bichon Frise. I think she has more spaniel. WoofWoof sleeps in my room, but not on my bed. My parents say no dog on the bed. Instead she sleeps curled up on her own round doggy bed pillow right next to me - it's actually a fashionable luxury dog bed made from designer fabrics. I can hang my arm down and pet her head. She licks my hand to let me know she's there. I hope the Asheville NC Film Festival has a movie about a dog this year. That would be neat.



Awards & Prizes

Film Awards

Judge’s Choice
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Documentary
Best Horror / Thriller / Sci Fi
Best Student Film
Best Experimental
Screenwriting Award


The 2018 Asheville Film Festival takes place Saturday, Sept. 8, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, 340 Victoria Road. According to the event’s Facebook page, the festival’s goal is to “showcase thought-provoking films and offer a venue where movie lovers who appreciate independent vision can celebrate this unique art form.” All-inclusive VIP tickets are $15 in advance online and $25 at the door.





Changing things up!

This year we wanted to make some changes.

In the past we have always offered awards for the actor’s performance in a film. Additionally, we would offer  BEST GENRE type awards.

This year we are changing that.

Instead of best genre awards we are going to boil it down to where it counts.

Best Director 
Best Cinematographer

This year we are going to offer a Best Director and Best Cinematography. Why, you may ask?


These two positions are the visual center point of a film. Now, ever, position in a film is important. It takes the entire team to make a film come to life. But, as far as what the fan actually see and experiences the film – well, that falls onto the shoulders of these two positions.

So, we want to honor that.

As time go on- in future festivals, we will include other positions as well.

We would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think.


WE ARE BACK !!! The 2018 Asheville Film Festival is on!!

It is hard to believe that it is a new year.

Some many things happened in 2017, both good and bad. But we are here. Ready. Rready for a new year…and a new festival.

There are so many things that we are planning to do this year.

The 2018 Asheville Film Festival will be held at AB Tech University in the beautiful city of Asheville, NC on September 8, 2018.

When you go through the website you will see that it has been updated. As time goes on we will explain more about the changes that we have planned!

We welcome you on this journey with us. It will be exciting!



That’s a Wrap!!!

It has come…and it has gone!

This year;s film festival is in the bag! We had a great time at a beautiful venue. We would like to thank AB Tech Community College for the great venue! We got a chance to meet some truly talented people and connect with some old friends.


Award Results


Best Actor

Will Brewster – A Deadly Affair to Remember

Best Supporting Actor

Jaimie Marchuk – Mirror

Best Actress

IMDb User Review
********** 'Mirror' is the work of a pro
16 April 2017 | by utahfilmsawards

'Mirror' is a short film presenting diverse but antithetical emotions playing on a young girl who could be suffering from a functional interference. The conflicting, sporadic paroxysms of emotions are portrayed by Jaimie Marchuk very skillfully and naturally. The brief moments of realization between every little transitory expression are captured expertly in such short film. The principal idea of the story may have been intentionally left to interpretation to direct the attention of the audience to the profundity of the plight the girl is in. It is critical for a film of such short length to convey the subtlety to achieve the intended response.

The opposite setting of the bathroom renders the plot its significance without a trail of ambiguity. When Evelyn - the name of the protagonist could be assumed from the divulging element that appears in the end - stares into the mirror at her insensible reflection, a train of conflicting and uncontainable emotions speed through her mind not intercepting the normal flow of activity even in the abandonment of her mental faculties. The creativity in editing could be seen during the rapid switch between the girl's emotions which may seem to happen concurrently, one in reality and another in her muddled thoughts during the shower. It could also be esoteric when one interprets the quick successions to be a realization of what she has done to herself incorporated into the regret she is feeling, but as mentioned before, the plot is very intelligently left to a gamut of interpretations. However, the way she keeps thumping the bathroom wall could only be understood as her self-accusation for her actions leading her to the situation she was in, and her incapacity towards the same.

The handling of the camera is deciding in this genre, and in such confined environment to deliver the urgency, and to elicit the viewers' involvement, which is brilliantly done. The implementation of the objects coming into focus very slowly is really appreciable; it is the work of a pro. The director has a great confidence in the plot and her complete involvement, and belief in it rendered such artistic film. A shout-out to the sound department; it was of great influence to the plot and is in accordance with the gravity of the scene all the way.

When the girl comes out of the shower and seats herself on the toilet, the antithesis of the reality will be revealed in the mirror. It might be a deliberate attempt or could be a mistake in editing, but the character in the mirror is seen adjusting her hair, and out of the character. Again the incomplete disclosure of the prescription bottle could be an act of intention too. One will be expecting to see what she has been going through which led to such a climax, but the plot with no premise will leave no such trail.

The idea of 'Mirror' is very profound and the beauty of the film lies in it. The one important episode is what is to be presented and that was done with authority. An artist who could deliver such an amazing film with almost no dialogue and no established story in such short stretch is sure to go a long way in the art of storytelling. Kudos to the team.


Brianna Doss – When the Land Is Sick

Best Supporting Actress

Reese Hoggard - The Wish and The Wisp

Two bickering siblings learn the true magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back.


Basket Boy

Best Student Film

Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg

Best Documentary


Best Experimental


Prosperity is a film that immerses the viewer in an Appalachian community using elements of documentary and experimental film. Located in the mountains of Appalachia, Bluefield, West Virginia saw unprecedented growth during the coal boom of the early 20th Century. A dwindling population and limited economic development have left the city at a crossroads with the decline of coal in the region. Written by Christopher D. Lusk



Best Drama

The Last AirBNB

Best Comedy

Lost in Buffalo City

Best Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi

Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg  

Judges Choice


Best Picture

POSTED ON Be sure to join us on September 16, 2017 for the 2017 Asheville Film Festival


‘Rabbits’ Takes Top Prize at Asheville!

September 20, 2017

‘Rabbits’ was selected as “Best Picture” at this year’s Asheville Film Festival in Asheville, North Carolina! Wow! We’re humbled and grateful to the entire festival staff and festival jury!


The Asheville Film Festival is coming back this year on September 16, 2017

We have 46 fantastic films for your screening pleasure.

You thought the films were great last year…… Just wait!

Here they are in particular order:

The Cyclist  Submitted by Brynna Robinson

Basket Boy Submitted by Ben Del Mundo

AlphaGo   Submitted by Gary Krieg

Prosperity Submitted by Christopher Lusk

Watched  Submitted by Tunde Paule

Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg  Submitted by Cole Russing

Mirror  Submitted by Sara Eustaquio

Giving Christmas  Submitted by Kerry Everett

Rabbits  Submitted by Patrick Clement

The Wall Between Us Submitted by Bruno M. Viana

Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired Submitted by Elizabeth Holloway

Bait Submitted by Tamara Finkbeiner

Send My Mail to Nashville Submitted by Peggy Hustad

Night Shift Submitted by Noah Campagna

Tribal Justice  Submitted by Anne Makepeace

Ashes  Submitted by Jake Raymond

Little Angel Submitted by Kevin Murray

Teacher of the Year – A Documentary Based on a True Story  Submitted by Robert Phillips

Fortune Favors the Bold Submitted by Beth Rhyne

The Last AirBnB   Submitted by Tom Gore

Legerdemain Submitted by Bill Frost

Memory Gain Submitted by Gwydion Lashlee-Walton

Live from the Double Door Inn  Submitted by kim brattain

Lost In Buffalo City   Submitted by Raymond Wallace

Minimal at Most Submitted by Ben Parsons

Unexpected   Submitted by William Brewster

23 Peas    Submitted by Gabe Braden

Standard of Living  Submitted by Bryan Reklis

Karl Metlzer: Made To Be Broken Submitted by Tronica Johnson

Abby The Spoon Lady  Submitted by Justin Johnson

Beeda after the Wake      Submitted by Gabriela McNicoll

Fever        Submitted by Ryan Hepkema

A Special Night – Short Film                                                                            Submitted by Diana Kaluza

Pigheaded                          Submitted by John Kinhart

D20                                      Submitted by Jeremy Farnell

The Expediter                    Submitted by Michael Domino

A Deadly Affair to Remember  Submitted by Loran Bolding

“The Long Harvest” (Episode #1 of “What Lies Beyond”)   Submitted by David Wrenn

Our War  Submitted by JD Mayo

Cart BlancheSubmitted by Ray Petrolino

Sammie the Comic Book Man Submitted by Dan Sellers

When the Land Is Sick    Submitted by Michael Helms

“Voices Unlocked: A True Story Submitted by Sara (Johnathan) Breaux

Zoey Gray   Submitted by Pasha Gray

Sunday Fun Day Submitted by Rob Underhill

PROVISION Submitted by Shorni Hardy


Submissions are open for the 2017 Asheville Film Festival!

We have been receiving many messages wanting to know when submissions will be open for the 2017 Asheville Film Festival. We are looking forward to this year’s film festival. We have some great things lined up. We look forward to seeing you there!





A customized sponsorship package can be created to fulfill your objectives and budget.

We look forward to learning more about your business and how the Asheville Film Festival (AFF) can provide the best sponsorship opportunity for you. Whether you want to focus on a specific area or want to create a multi-faceted sponsorship, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss a tailored sponsorship that meets your interests and goals.

If you want to reach perse or specialized audiences, we can connect you. If you want to engage discerning consumers, we can help you do that. We can help you associate your staff and clients, as well as your company and your brands, with one of the most highly-regarded cultural events in the region.

Customize your sponsorship to your needs and budget!


  • Connects the world’s most passionate film lovers with the world’s most exciting film festival
  • The annual destination for an international array of industry film celebrities, filmmakers, film lovers, journalists, industry executives and sophisticated guests
  • A relaxed, exclusive and intimate environment where attendees enjoy the rare privilege of meeting filmmakers


  • A highly prestigious event
  • An intimate and exceptional experience
  • An annual destination for the “who’s who” of the indie film world
  • An expertly programmed showcase designed for sophisticated viewers.


  • Quality Reach:

The highly desirable audiences are – Change leaders in their communities, Affluent and Educated

  • Passion and Commitment:

The audience is committed to the festival experience

  • Exceptional:

Our exceptional sponsor environment provides excellent brand visibility

  • Attention:

Local and internet press attend

  • Accessible:

Accessibility to the filmmakers provides excellent photo opportunities

  • First-Class Destination:

The mountain location, the Asheville Film Festival and our Sponsors are a powerful marketing tool. We invite you to associate with our prestigious entertainment property.

Our team will craft a custom-designed package to:

  • support your company’s business objectives and resources
  • integrate your brand, image, products and services with our influential and highly receptive community of elite attendees and VIP guests
  • align your brand with a key element of the Festival
  • personalize your experience at the Festival



A Venue Sponsorship offers association with one of several unique theater venues. Our venues hold huge enthusiastic crowds between 50 and 200 people. Each venue has wide variety of marketing possibilities for your company.


Allows for sponsorship opportunities outside of the venue. The Box office area, the Green Room, the Filmmaker’s Lounge, the concessions area, the hallways to the venues and many more open spaces.


A Special Event Sponsorship offers association with one of our twelve exceptional Festival events.


  • Opening Night Mingle
  • The Industry Expo
  • Official Lounge Venue
  • Filmmaker’s Lounge&;
  • The Concessions Corner
  • Industry Workshop
  • The VIP Lunch
  • The After Party
  • Festival Poster Contest
  • Festival Fundraiser
  • Award Ceremony

The official lounge venue for the Festival provides a place for guests and AFF members to meet and to relax. Promotions, product sampling and demonstrations can be offered here. AFF’s affluent, visionary and forward-thinking community will delight on discovering the newest digital products and services in an intimate environment dedicated to product display and demo sessions at the Industry Expo. Festival-goers may additionally interact with co-branded festival content that enhances their experience of the festival and that also integrates a digital brand seamlessly with our community, while further engaging them within your products, services or online community.

The Industry Workshop is a unique feature of the Asheville Film Festival, bringing fresh ideas, hot topics and industry knowledge. An industry leader is invited to serve as host of the workshop. In an open forum setting, Festival attendees converge to listen to independent film industry experts.

Starting this year, we will select an artist to produce the poster art for the Festival with the Festival Poster Contest. The artist is granted much artistic license. This contest is open to a cross-section of American life with abounding passion for the Festival and incredible stories to tell. From high-ranking lawyers, to corporate execs, to college students and work-at-home moms, this community is the true heart of the Festival. Your company’s association with this vibrant community will receive some of the best buzz in town, along with unique branding opportunities.

The Opening Night Mingle provides the opportunity to network with industry professionals and select festival goers to network the night before everything gets going. In this laid back atmosphere you have to chance to really connect with filmmakers, actors, industry experts and independent film lovers.

The Filmmaker’s Lounge is a private area for filmmaker to connect, network and just hang out with each other. This area is reserved for filmmakers and a select few to unwind.

The Concessions Corner is the perfect place…this is where you get your drinks, snacks and popcorn to watch all of the great films. This is definitely a place where a lot of people will be hanging around.

The VIP Lunch is by special invitation only. This is reserved for the industry related personnel only…with a few special invited guest.

The After Party is the place that everyone wants to go. The festival is over, the awards have been giving out and now it is time to relax, unwind and have a great time.

The Festival Fundraiser is a very important event because it allows for us raise the funds we need to put on the film festival…although, we do have sponsors… film festivals are expensive. The festival fundraiser is a night of eloquence. It is an evening of finely dressed important people, politicians, city leaders, local business leaders, filmmakers and actors.

The Award Ceremony is one of the most important parts of any film festival. This is when filmmakers and actors get recognized for their achievements. Everyone wants to be here!


The Asheville Film Festival is a destination event with over 82% of attendees traveling from outside the area. Our audience is affluent, highly educated, culturally sophisticated and includes knowledgeable film aficionados, directors, actors, producers, writers, entertainment executives, industry insiders, tastemakers and thought leaders.


  • 37% > $200k
  • 24% $100,000-$199,999
  • 8% $80,000-$99,999
  • 19% $35,000-$79,999
  • 12% < $35,000

40% Male
60% Female

28% 18-44
54% 45-64
18% Over 65


  • 49% Graduate or higher
  • 41% Bachelor
  • 4% Associates
  • 6% High School


Date: September 8, 2018

Location: The beautiful campus of AB Tech University Asheville, NC

Attendance: The Festival is attended by film buffs, filmmakers, actors and industry personnel.

Venues: All programs are centrally located on the AB Tech Campus for traveling convenience.

Passes: The Sponsor Pass is provided to those who have made a major contribution to support the presentation of the festival. It provides all VIP Pass benefits listed below, plus additional exclusive benefits and recognition.

The VIP Pass provides priority admission to all films, parties and events of the festival at all locations.

The Patron Pass provides admission to all film programs within a film block.


SHOW – $1500

The “SHOW” presenting level sponsorship is a singular opportunity and offers an elite level of association with extensive festival-wide exposure and title recognition. Every mention of the Asheville Film Festival Film Festival will also include the “presented by” credit for your company, along with many exclusive benefits at the Festival.

VENUE – $575

A Premiere sponsorship offers preferred status and second tier recognition with festival-wide exposure. Your company is awarded major visibility, exclusive benefits and access throughout the Festival.

  • Company press release in Festival press kits
  • Logo recognition on with links to your business website
  • Logo on the AFF social media trailer, Official Brochure and Official T-Shirts
  • Promotional mailing and/or e-blast to Festival list
  • Prominent signage onsite at the Asheville Film Festival event
  • 4 Sponsored blogs on the AFF website and social media pages
  • Presenting of Award at award ceremony
  • 20-30 second advertisement spots prior to film screening(s)
  • Logo inclusion on back of tickets, passes and lanyards
  • Full Page Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • Booth space with display and sampling during the Expo
  • Naming rights of Venues
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional merchandise/product In Filmmaker Gift Bags
  • 8 Sponsor passes, which provide access to all events and priority seating
  • Access to event photos

BACKLOT – $325

A Signature sponsorship offers major benefits and recognition in association with one of the Festival’s Signature programs, venues, special events of featured “official” programs and offers category exclusivity, plus enhanced benefits and access to the Festival.

  • Company press release in Festival press kits
  • Logo recognition on with links to your business website
  • Logo on the AFF social media trailer, Official Brochure and Official T-Shirts
  • Promotional mailing and/or e-blast to Festival list
  • Half Page Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • Prominent signage onsite at the Asheville Film Festival event
  • 4 Sponsored blogs on the AFF website and social media pages
  • Logo inclusion on back of tickets, passes and lanyards
  • Booth space with display and sampling during the Expo
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional merchandise/product In Filmmaker Gift Bags
  • 6 Sponsor passes, which provide access to all events and priority seating
  • Access to event photos

SPECIAL EVENT – $400 (per event)

A Major sponsorship provides custom integration with a program, venue, special event or education program.

  • Company press release in Festival press kits
  • Business Card Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • Logo recognition on with links to your business website
  • Logo on the AFF social media trailer, Official Brochure and Official T-Shirts
  • Promotional mailing and/or e-blast to Festival list
  • Prominent signage onsite at the Asheville Film Festival event
  • 4 Sponsored blogs on the AFF website and social media pages
  • Logo inclusion on back of tickets, passes and lanyards
  • Naming of AFF after party
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional merchandise/product In Filmmaker Gift Bags
  • 6 Sponsor passes, which provide access to all events and priority seating
  • Access to event photos


Want to play a smaller role as a sponsor? No problem. You choose any of the following and customize how you want to be a sponsor.

  • $25  Business Card Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • $25  Logo recognition on with links to your business website
  • $50  Promotional mailing and/or e-blast to Festival list
  • $50  & Half Page Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • $100  20-30 second advertisement spots prior to film screening(s)
  • $100  Full Page Size Ad in the official Program Guide
  • $150  Booth space with display and sampling during the Expo


A Festival Co-Sponsorship provides shared billing on a program, venue, special event or education program, if available.


A Products & Services Sponsorship provides brand visibility for an in-kind donation.