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Do you have a love for film and want to help a great organization? We need you to help us prepare for the Asheville Film Festival. Your enthusiasm, commitment and hard work enable the Festival to pursue its mission of celebrating great acting and film making.
You will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in such varied departments as registration, theater operations, conference, hospitality and transportation, all while working with a wonderful staff. Please feel free to give us a call at (252) 367-8789 for more information.
The Asheville Film Festival is a unique opportunity to work hard, gain valuable event experience, network and have fun while supporting the mission of a pioneering film festival organization dedicated to championing the work of aspiring and established filmmakers.

Image result for film festival imageFESTIVAL DIRECTOR

Plans, oversees, programs, and manages all aspects of the Art and Music Fest. Ensures that the events are well attended; and sees to the overall operations and financial success of the festival. Execute plan laid out by Festival Director. Recruit and supervise interns, and volunteers. Build and maintain professional relationships with the artists and musical entertainers. Execute fundraising efforts events through chamber party. Develop and guide public relations efforts to ensure media coverage of the festival. Outreach to cultural and community partners to co-produce screenings and events. 

This position receives 25% of Block, VIP  and fundraiser net profit through arts council (not the ads)


Image result for film festival imageSPONSOR DIRECTOR

Obtain new advertising for the film festival, art show and music fest. Creation, maintenance, and utilization of advertising leads. Completion of ad contracts with advertisers and/or their authorized representatives. Collection of fees and artwork from advertisers for ads purchased.

This position receives 30% of funds from ads they sold


PROMOTION COORDINATORImage result for film festival promoter imageMeet and greet sponsors, filmmakers and high-level pass holders as they arrive.  Welcome VIPs to festival. Develop and execute the marketing initiatives for all Festival events and related activities. Build and promote the Festival brand. Plan, coordinate and implement marketing strategies. Work with media outlets to publish timely company information. Grow online supporter base and social media community. Develop the advertising, marketing and promotion plans. Promotes ticket sales. 

This position receives 10% of Block, VIP and fundraiser net profits through arts council (not the ads)


Image result for volunteer coordinator imageVOLUNTEER COORDINATOR

Recruit, schedule, manage, and motivate a large group of volunteers prior to and during the festival activities while maintaining constant communication with each department. maintain and update the volunteer database regularly and keep up with individual volunteer information. Organize Volunteer Orientations, Volunteer Appreciation event. 

This position receives 10% of Block, VIP and fundraiser net profits through arts council (not the ads)



Ensures that films are started and run properly during the film’s assigned time in the venue. 

Volunteer position


USHERImage result for film usher image

General running around and assisting as needed. Line up filmgoers according to priority of their passes/tickets outside venues prior to showings.  Lead film goers to the proper venue. Assisting in the setting up/ breakdown of the panel venue and assist the panelist. Stand at entrance to the venue and ensure that pass holders and ticket holders are admitted. Responsible for getting people seated so we start on time. Guide people to their seats; provide directions for water, rest rooms. Help cleanup, take out trash. Work directly with projectionist. 

Volunteer position


Image result for film box office imageBOX OFFICE

Assist the Event and Festival Directors. Assist the festival’s ticketing needs at the box office during the festival, and relaying information to festival-goers. Ensure that film goers have “Viewer’s Choice Survey” and receive them back after screenings are complete. Responsible for directing film goers to locations selling Film Festival items. 

Volunteer position


*** As festival plans are still evolving, some of the descriptions above may change.

Compensation – commission means depending on the Position, that individual will get a percentage of proceeds earned for that day and the fundraiser

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