Changing things up!

This year we wanted to make some changes.

In the past we have always offered awards for the actor’s performance in a film. Additionally, we would offer  BEST GENRE type awards.

This year we are changing that.

Instead of best genre awards we are going to boil it down to where it counts.

Best Director 
Best Cinematographer

This year we are going to offer a Best Director and Best Cinematography. Why, you may ask?


These two positions are the visual center point of a film. Now, ever, position in a film is important. It takes the entire team to make a film come to life. But, as far as what the fan actually see and experiences the film – well, that falls onto the shoulders of these two positions.

So, we want to honor that.

As time go on- in future festivals, we will include other positions as well.

We would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think.

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