Changing things up!

This year we wanted to make some changes.

In the past we have always offered awards for the actor’s performance in a film. Additionally, we would offer  BEST GENRE type awards.

This year we are changing that.

Instead of best genre awards we are going to boil it down to where it counts.

Best Director 
Best Cinematographer

This year we are going to offer a Best Director and Best Cinematography. Why, you may ask?


These two positions are the visual center point of a film. Now, ever, position in a film is important. It takes the entire team to make a film come to life. But, as far as what the fan actually see and experiences the film – well, that falls onto the shoulders of these two positions.

So, we want to honor that.

As time go on- in future festivals, we will include other positions as well.

We would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think.

WE ARE BACK !!! The 2018 Asheville Film Festival is on!!

It is hard to believe that it is a new year.

Some many things happened in 2017, both good and bad. But we are here. Ready. Rready for a new year…and a new festival.

There are so many things that we are planning to do this year.

The 2018 Asheville Film Festival will be held at AB Tech University in the beautiful city of Asheville, NC on September 8, 2018.

When you go through the website you will see that it has been updated. As time goes on we will explain more about the changes that we have planned!

We welcome you on this journey with us. It will be exciting!

That’s a Wrap!!!

It has come…and it has gone!

The 2017 Asheville Film Festival is in the bag!

We had a blast. Here are the this year’s award winners:



Award Results



Bill Frost – LEGERDEMAIN          

Best Actor


Will Brewster – A Deadly Affair to Remember

Best Supporting Actor


Jaimie Marchuk – Mirror

Best Actress


Brianna Doss – When the Land Is Sick                    

Best Supporting Actress


Basket Boy

Best Student Film


Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg  

Best Documentary



Best Experimental



Best Drama


The Last AirBNB

Best Comedy


Lost in Buffalo City

Best Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi


Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg  

Judges Choice



Best Picture

Be sure to join us on September 16, 2017 for the 2017 Asheville Film Festival

The Asheville Film Festival is coming back this year on September 16, 2017

We have 46 fantastic films for your screening pleasure.

You thought the films were great last year…… Just wait!

Here they are in particular order:

The Cyclist                                                                                                           Submitted by Brynna Robinson

Basket Boy                                                                                                            Submitted by Ben Del Mundo

AlphaGo                                                                                                                Submitted by Gary Krieg

Prosperity                                                                                                             Submitted by Christopher Lusk

Watched                                                                                                                Submitted by Tunde Paule

Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg            Submitted by Cole Russing

Mirror                                                                                                                    Submitted by Sara Eustaquio

Giving Christmas                                                                                                Submitted by Kerry Everett

Rabbits                                                                                                                 Submitted by Patrick Clement

The Wall Between Us                                                                                         Submitted by Bruno M. Viana

Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired                                                                    Submitted by Elizabeth Holloway

Bait                                                                                                                        Submitted by Tamara Finkbeiner

Send My Mail to Nashville                                                                                 Submitted by Peggy Hustad

Night Shift                                                                                                            Submitted by Noah Campagna

Tribal Justice                                                                                                       Submitted by Anne Makepeace

Ashes                                                                                                                    Submitted by Jake Raymond

Little Angel                                                                                                           Submitted by Kevin Murray

Teacher of the Year – A Documentary Based on a True Story                     Submitted by Robert Phillips

Fortune Favors the Bold                                                                                    Submitted by Beth Rhyne

The Last AirBnB                                                                                                  Submitted by Tom Gore

Legerdemain                                                                                                       Submitted by Bill Frost

Memory Gain                                                                                                      Submitted by Gwydion Lashlee-Walton

Live from the Double Door Inn                                                                         Submitted by kim brattain

Lost In Buffalo City                                                                                            Submitted by Raymond Wallace

Minimal at Most                                                                                                 Submitted by Ben Parsons

Unexpected                                                                                                         Submitted by William Brewster

23 Peas                                                                                                                Submitted by Gabe Braden

Standard of Living                                                                                              Submitted by Bryan Reklis

Karl Metlzer: Made To Be Broken                                                                    Submitted by Tronica Johnson

Abby The Spoon Lady                                                                                       Submitted by Justin Johnson

Beeda after the Wake                                                                                       Submitted by Gabriela McNicoll

Fever                                                                                                                    Submitted by Ryan Hepkema

A Special Night – Short Film                                                                            Submitted by Diana Kaluza

Pigheaded                                                                                                           Submitted by John Kinhart

D20                                                                                                                       Submitted by Jeremy Farnell

The Expediter                                                                                                     Submitted by Michael Domino

A Deadly Affair to Remember                                                                         Submitted by Loran Bolding

“The Long Harvest” (Episode #1 of “What Lies Beyond”)                          Submitted by David Wrenn

Our War                                                                                                              Submitted by JD Mayo

Cart Blanche                                                                                                      Submitted by Ray Petrolino

Sammie the Comic Book Man                                                                       Submitted by Dan Sellers

When the Land Is Sick                                                                                     Submitted by Michael Helms

“Voices Unlocked: A True Story                                                                     Submitted by Sara (Johnathan) Breaux

Zoey Gray                                                                                                          Submitted by Pasha Gray

Sunday Fun Day                                                                                               Submitted by Rob Underhill

PROVISION                                                                                                       Submitted by Shorni Hardy



This year;s film festival is in the bag! We had a great time at a beautiful venue. We would like to thank AB Tech Community College for the great venue! We got a chance to meet some truly talented people and connect with some old friends.

We have some great stuff coming up this year, be sure to keep following this blog.


Keep filming!

Welcome !

Why a film festival? Why now?

It is no secret that Asheville has an incredible arts community. Part of that community enjoys a good independent film or two.

Making a film is a magical thing. You start with just an idea swimming around in your brain juice. Then you develop it into a story. You then get all kinds of people involved in creating this story into a film. Eventually, you have a completed film in front of an audience. You watching their reactions to what they are watching. You bursting with pride when it is over. They come to you, congratulate you. All of this started as a little idea bouncing around in your nogging noodle.


That is why we do it. To let film makers tell a story. To let actors entertainer. And, of course, to let fans enjoy!